Islam is Evil

TIMEcoverAug92010 Islam supports and promotes racism, sexism, homophobia, and genocide. It is time to stop tip-toeing around the truth about Islam.

Americans tend to think of all religions as good, kind of like ice cream. We each have our favorite flavor and though we may not like what our neighbor likes, we can see why he or she likes their flavor because it is “good,” if you like that particular flavor.

When it comes to religions, there is a fundamental difference. Not every religion is good.  Most of us would agree most religions teach good things, even if the flavor we like is different from the one our neighbor likes. But when it comes to Islam that is not the case.

Time Magazine recently featured a cover showing the true face of Islam.  The magazine cover and Afghanistan war are discussed here.  I do not necessarily agree with the writer’s position about the war, but the point is that the Taliban will strictly enforce Islamic Sharia law if given the opportunity, and not just in Afghanistan.

What about “moderate” Muslims you ask?  My question is, “Where are they?” They have not risen up in mass to confront the radicals for the reason that the so-called radicals are the true representatives of the actual teachings of Islam. Moderates will not speak against radicals because radicals represent what every true Muslim know he should be.

If you do not know about Islam, Sharia law, and the imperative to Muslims to spread Sharia law to all the earth, I urge you to begin to inform yourself.  Do not join this battle without ammunition.

Here are two good websites for the truth about Islam from two people who have lived under it.

Usama Dakdok   Brigitte Gabriel


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