Monthly Archives: May 2010

An Important Challenge


I urge you to read this challenge to the the major U.S. debt-rating companies. 

Martin Weiss as well as his late father have had a long history of challenging U.S. monetary policy. Make no mistake about it, the U.S. is on the same path as Greece. We are spending borrowed money and promising benefits in a way that is simply unsustainable.

We must demand that our elected politicians get us off this path or we will be Greece with riots in the streets and people dying needlessly. I know that seems improbable, but it seemed improbable in Greece a year ago.

It may not happen here soon, but it will happen if we do not change course. The European Union’s solution for Greece is to loan them more money.  First, that only postpones the day of reckoning, and second there is no one big enough to bail out the U.S.A.

Act now and urge your friends to join in! Democrats, Independents,  Republicans, and even political atheists need to join in turning the ship of state away from the cliff which lies ahead.